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Installation and Operation of Box Substation

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Installation and Operation of Box Substation

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The box door of box substation shall be open outward, with handles, dark latches and locks, and the dark latches and locks shall be rust-proof. The transformer chamber should be mainly natural ventilation, and the relationship curve between temperature in the box and transformer output should be given. Transformer room can be equipped with room temperature monitoring device and self-starting ventilation cooling device to ensure full load operation of transformer under specified environmental conditions. The transformer shall be able to enter and exit from the top or side door of the box. The noise level of box substation should not be greater than the specified noise level of transformer. Whether the case is made of metal or non-metal materials, the metal frame of the case should be well grounded, with grounding terminals, and marked with grounding symbols.

The box substation is mainly cooled by natural wind circulation. Therefore, there should be no illegal stacking around it, especially the door of transformer room should not be blocked. Attachments on the ventilation holes of shutters should also be removed regularly to ensure that all electrical equipment does not exceed the maximum allowable temperature. After tripping of low voltage circuit breaker, the reason of tripping should be checked before commissioning. If the transmission is unsuccessful, the cause of the failure must be thoroughly searched. Only after the elimination can the transmission be made to prevent the accident from expanding. Zinc oxide arrester should be installed in the high voltage distribution room of box transformer. The installation method must be convenient for test, disassembly and replacement.

The grounding and zero line of box substation share a common grounding grid. The grounding grid is usually piled at the four corners of the foundation, and then connected into a whole. There must be two reliable connections between box substation and grounding grid. After the box substation is running, the grounding connection should be checked frequently, because it is not loose and rust-free. When the grounding resistance is measured regularly, the grounding resistance should be no more than 4.

The ring switch, transformer, lightning arrester and other equipment in the high-voltage distribution equipment of box substation should be inspected and maintained regularly, defects should be found and repaired in time, and insulation preventive test should be carried out regularly. The outage time of box substation is more than 3 months, and all preventive tests should be carried out before commissioning. In order to replace the high-voltage fuse without interruption ability, the transformer must be cut off, the mechanical interlocking should be removed correctly and the insulated operating rod should be used. Cable holes of all incoming and outgoing wires in box substations should be blocked to prevent small animals from entering and causing accidents.

The floor of box substation should be placed at a higher level, not at a lower level, so as not to affect the operation of equipment by rainwater irrigation into the box. When pouring concrete platforms, there should be gaps at the high and low pressure side, so as to facilitate the laying of cables in and out of the line. When excavating foundation, if the ground is accumulated by garbage or humus, the solid soil must be excavated, then the better soil should be backfilled and compacted, and then the triad soil or road slag should be filled to ensure the stability of foundation.

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