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Cautions for Installation of High and Low Voltage Distribution Cabinet

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Cautions for Installation of High and Low Voltage Distribution Cabinet

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1. Distribution box (panel) elevation or verticality beyond the allowable deviation: due to inaccurate measurement positioning or uneven ground, should be corrected in time.

2. Distribution box iron frame is not rectangular: before installing the iron frame, there is no straightening, or when installing the fixed point position offset caused by the application of suspension line to re-align and then fix.

3. Distribution box panel appliances and instruments are not firm, flat or uneven spacing, indenter is not firm, indenter damages core, and multiple wire indenters are not equipped with indenter terminals. There is no card frame under the brake, the screw should be tightened, the spacing should be adjusted evenly according to the requirements, find a flat. The damaged wire core should be cut off and reconnected, the multi-strand wires should be equipped with line-pressing terminals, and the card frames should be repaired.

4. The section of grounding wire is not enough or the section of protective grounding wire is not enough, and the protective grounding wire is connected in series. These nonconformities should be corrected in accordance with relevant regulations. PE wire terminals in distribution boxes and panels are suitable for general public construction projects, but not for civil residential projects.

5. The wiring arrangement behind the disc is irregular: bundles should be tied up by branches and fixed in the disc.

6. Distribution boxes (panels) are short of spare parts, such as hinges, locks, screws, etc. They should be equipped with all kinds of parts needed for installation.

7. Opening long holes in electric and gas welding of iron box: one tube and one hole, not electric and gas welding holes, and the tube-man box should be smooth.

8. Distribution box body stabilization peripheral gap is too large: the use of cement mortar box, pipe solid: solid.

9. The outer side of the wooden box is free from corrosion and the inner wall is rough. It should be handled according to the regulations.

10. Welding spot corrosion on inner wall of distribution box iron box: antirust paint should be repaired.

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