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What matters should be paid attention to in the maintenance of electrical equipment

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What matters should be paid attention to in the maintenance of electrical equipment

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The use of electrical equipment is more and more frequent, more and more widespread, and more and more problems arise. How should we repair him and let him run in a better state? Safety is guaranteed, equipment in normal conditions, to achieve twice the result with half the effort, which is why electrical equipment should be strictly maintained.

Eurpium. Mouth first and then move.

For faulty electrical equipment, we should not rush to start. We should first inquire about the process and phenomena of faults.

For unfamiliar equipment, we should be familiar with the circuit principle and structure characteristics, and abide by the corresponding rules. Before disassembly, we should be familiar with the function, location, connection mode of each electrical component and the relationship with other components around it. Electrical equipment should be disassembled, sketched and marked when there is no assembly drawing.

_. First external and then internal

It is necessary to check whether there are obvious cracks or defects in electrical equipment, to know the maintenance history and service life of the equipment, and then to inspect the inside of the equipment. Before disassembly, the surrounding fault factors should be checked and determined as in-machine fault before disassembly. Otherwise, blindly disassembly may lead to worse electrical equipment repair.

. First mechanical then electrical

Only after confirming that there is no fault in the mechanical parts, the electrical inspection shall be carried out. When checking the circuit fault, we should use the detection instrument to find the fault location, confirm that there are no bad faults, and then check the operation relationship between the circuit and the machinery in order to avoid misjudgment.

. First static then dynamic

When the electrical equipment is not powered on, judge the quality of the buttons, contactors, thermal relays and fuses of the electrical equipment, so as to determine the fault of the equipment. Electricity test, listen to its voice, test parameters, determine the fault, ** for maintenance. For example, when the motor is out of phase, if the value of three-phase voltage can not be distinguished, we should listen to it and measure each relative ground voltage separately to determine which phase defect is

Clean first, then repair it. _____________

For heavily polluted electrical equipment, the buttons, connection points and contact points should be cleaned first to check whether the external control keys are out of order. Many faults are caused by dirt and conductive dust blocks, which are often eliminated after cleaning.

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